Data Steward Service

1000 Bruxelles, Belgique - Belgie

Mission description:
Within the Customers, Market & System directorate, we have the ambition to become a data centric organization to enable our consumer centric vision. Data will become more and more important to support operational, tactical and strategical activities and decisions and to enable the development of new services to our consumers at large.
In that context, we are looking for a data steward, a role that consists in governing data on behalf of others and in the best interests of the organization. The Data Steward defines and monitors KPIs related to the quality of the data management activities in a scope of data assigned to him/her by the project team. The Data Steward leads actions for the improvement of these KPIs.
Service description:
As Data Steward, you perform (amongst others) the following tasks:
  • Define and document the Business Concepts, their Business Terms, the Business Rules which they are subject to, their Business Impact, and so on, of a given business domain, hereby allowing the measurement (KPIs) of its current level of data management
  • Lead the root causes analysis (in collaboration with one or more Data Partners) when the current value of a KPI doesn’t match with its target
  • Coordinate and follow up the implementation of solutions (curative actions or long-term solutions)
  • Follow up the KPIs, and communicate the necessary corrective actions and improvements to the Data Governance Committee.
Additional requirements:
You are experienced in Data management and exploitation. Similar experience will be considered as an advantage. We are also open to junior profiles with a few months/years experiences (not recent graduates).
You are familiar (processes & tools) with :
  • Data Governance
  • Data Quality management
  • You have a Master's degree.
  • You are fluent in Dutch and/or French and you master English.
  • Preferably, you already have experience in the electricity domain. You are familiar with the electricity domain or able to rapidly understand this Business and underlying concepts.
  • Your communication skills allow you to facilitate workshops where you can act as a leader when necessary. You are able to convince. 
  • You have analytic skills allowing you to answer complex problems in a simple and structured way 
  • You are proactive and eager to take responsibilities. 
  • You combine collaboration and team spirit.